Eliza Bennett, Massage Therapist

Eliza Bennett


Hands with a purpose
- to relax and heal

My name is Eliza Bennett. I graduated from TAFE QLD East Coast late 2017 holding my Diploma of Remedial Massage and I have also been a beauty therapist since 2015; in this time have always had a passion for massage.

I understand some people generally can be put off seeing someone when they have recently completed their studies, however I feel in most cases; someone who has just completed a course that they are passionate about will go the extra mile to learn more about your condition/ symptom.

I am zealous about helping my clients. My goal for each client is to assist in releasing muscle tension and spasms, to reduce pain and to restore & increase range of motion whilst ensuring to leave my client feeling relaxed afterwards.

I pride myself on professionalism and am continuously looking to improve and educate myself with research and other techniques… so keep an eye out for the future as I will also be offering treatments such as cupping, dry needling, rock blading and more.

Eliza Bennett Massage Therapist

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Massage therapy has many benefits not only for your muscles but for your overall health and well being.